Who we are?

Cooper Street Kids, Inc. is a registered 501 (C) (3) non-profit charitable organization based in Birmingham, Michigan.

What we do?

The idea is simple! We collect donations to purchase themed gift wrapped cookie presents to give away to sick kids at local Children’s Hospitals.

Why we do it?

The smiles, laughter & joy we provide from our cookie gifts is the heart beat that keeps Cooper Street Kids going.

“It is always welcome and certainly heartwarming when people find their way to our clinic and hospital simply to brighten the day of a pediatric patient.  They and their families endure a lot over the months and years that they spend with us, and when they get a special treat, like Cooper Street Kids, that brings a smile, it’s a great thing!”

Kate L. Gowans, MD
Beaumont Royal Oak, Children’s Hospital

“We always appreciate how many people go out of their way to think about the kids that we serve at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.  Seeing the kids eye’s light up when they receive a special cookie treat during their clinic appointment is very special.  Thank you Cooper Street Kids!”

Jeffrey Taub, MD, Chief of Oncology
DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan

“We see about 70 kids a day in our Hematology/Oncology Clinic.  Every child that comes through our doors is going through very difficult medical issues.  The day Cooper Street Cookies arrived in their adorable packages for Easter made a huge impact on our patients.  Just a simple gesture of receiving a gift box of cookies can go such a long way when you are having a hard day.  Thank you, Cooper Street Cookies, for helping to make so many kids’ ‘hard day’ a little sweeter”

Wendi Henning, Pediatric Oncology Social Worker
DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Donation Information

An incredible advantage this charity has is the ability to use close to 100% of the donated proceeds to go directly towards benefiting the children. All administrative costs will be absorbed by the chairs of the organization. All of the money we receive is going right to the kids, not to pay for salaries, office space etc.

Currently, each completed gift costs Cooper Street Kids, Inc. $6.00. This cost includes everything from the packaged cookies, all the wrappings, plush decorations and local delivery. The amount of gift sets we donate is directly dependent how much money we are able to collect for each holiday. If we can collect $600, we will donate 100 gift sets. Once we get to 500 gift sets, we will be able to purchase the completed gift sets for $5.00 each due to economies of scale (labor, bulk materials etc).

The goal is to donate at least 300 gift sets for each holiday. As for which hospitals will receive donations, we will create a schedule and make sure to rotate between different hospitals.

Through our website we have the ability to collect donations linking directly to the charity paypal account. The members of the charity will use connections through friends, family and local business to solicit funds for the organization. We plan to use social media, local news stations, email blasts and more to get the word out about the organization. We also plan to team up with each hospital’s social media to link back to our site in order to promote the charity.

We will also offer sponsorship programs, where we can advertise for different companies by placing logos on the package, and advertising their name through our marketing efforts. A sponsored holiday giveaway will start at $500. We will also launch a www.gofundme.com page.

  • The current donation schedule is as follows:
  • Valentine’s Day- early February
  • Easter- late March/Early April
  • Independence Day- July 4th
  • Halloween- October
  • Thanksgiving- November
  • Christmas-December

We are currently distributing cookies to Beaumont (Royal Oak) and CS Mott at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor.  As our charity grows we will  expand into other communities hospitals. Our charity focuses the donation efforts to all children in a hospital

A cookie gift set is a prepackaged clamshell of cookies, wrapped in cellophane, tied with ribbon and decorated with a plush ornament (teddy bear). We purchase the finished gift sets from a Cooper Street Cookies at a discounted rate. The cookies we use in the gift sets are nut free, dairy free, low in sugar, sodium, calories, carbs and fat. They are also free of artificial colors and flavorings- all natural and delicious! We can feel good about offering a product that the kids love to eat, that isn’t filled with the unhealthy chemicals commonly found in retail grocery products. Kids really enjoy all the flavors, but we have found the favorite is the cinnamon chocolate chip, orange cranberry and oatmeal raisin.

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